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From the road jottings of The Ozone Rangers:

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We didnít get lots of familiar faces on Friday, at Rookieís On The Lake, in Dunkirk, N.Y. but we had a nice busy night anyway.
Thanks for visits from The Foot On The Bar Gang, Johnny R, and The Mojo Limbo Boys.
Thanks to Rob and Crew for taking care of us.
On Saturday, The Outlaws M.C. also took good care of us and showed us much appreciation and we thank them kindly.

Coming up on Friday, weíre back in the friendly confines of Rayís Hot Spot, on Route 66, in Marienville, PA.
Itís Central PAís Home For Classic Rock and Ray has been taking care of us and his customers for over a decade. Itís a fun place and we play from 9:45-1:45.
On Saturday itís Jonapalooza, a private party in the wilds of Catt County, and on Sunday weíll be doing Bike Day at The Varysburg Hotel, in Varysburg, N.Y. playing from 1-5.
The club has some good food and itís a nice bike ride in the sloping, country hills.

Thanks for checking out the site and for all your support!
We appreciate it more than you can imagine.