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On Saturday we played for our favorite club owners, Mo and Grant, at The Grand Opening Party Weekend, at their new place, The Zoar Valley Tavern, in East Otto, N.Y.
The weather was a bit chilly but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits as Mo and Grant had a great day welcoming back all their friends.
The Boneshakers started the day off playing some cool tunes and sounded great and we got to finish off the night playing to a bunch that was ready to party.
Mo and Grant are continuing their winning recipe for taking care of their staff and customers so keep the Zoar Valley Tavern in mind if you’re looking for great food, great friends, and good times. They have food specials all week long and music on Thursdays with The Zoar Losers.
Thanks to all our friends who came out to keep us company out in the yard and special shout outs to previous hosts, Tom and Annette, Stagebuilder Jay, and Foodslingers, Bonnie, Marcy, and Leprechaun Jeremy.

On Friday we’ll be at Jamison’s Tavern, on 2155 Route 119, in Greensburg/Crabtree, PA.
We’ve been there many times before and Matt and Darren take good care of us and it’s a fun club with great food.
Feel free to call 724- 838-9200
for a table reservation.
We play 9-1 yins so come on down!

Thanks for checking out the site and for all your support!
We appreciate it more than you can imagine.