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On Saturday we played at Balloon’s, in Ellicottville, N.Y. and it couldn’t have been busier.
Folks came in early, ready for bear, and stayed all night long, into the band, dancing and partying.
Shout outs to George and Ann, Joe and Deb, Kent The Tourist, Ron and Chris, The Lackawanna Crew, The Salamanca Crew, The Bachelorette Party, The Crazy Canadians, Norm and Nance, The Birthday Girls and of course, E’Ville’s Entertainment Director, Sherman.
We hope to get back soon.

Coming up this Saturday will be a night for the ages.
As you could tell by our past postings we have a special place in our heart for Moe and Grant, who run The Colden Lakeside Restaurant, at 9504 Heath Road, in Colden, N.Y.

They are as genuine as folks get, treating everyone who works for them and who come through their doors with kindness, friendship, and respect.
I won’t go into what they’ve endured but they’ll be leaving the building after this weekend and hopefully into another happy, new chapter in their lives.
They’ll be saying good bye to all the friends they’ve made with a long weekend filled with music, food and fun.

Friday night they’ll have Luke and Ange Plus, from 7-11. On Sunday afternoon, 2-6, they’ll have Only Humen, and we’ll play Saturday night, from 7-11.
The doors will close after Sunday so if you can, stop in and say good bye to the best club and club owners in Western N.Y.

Thanks for checking out the site and for all your support!
We appreciate it more than you can imagine.